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1022: The New Standard for Chinese Fine Dining in Nagoya

The Endoji Shopping Arcade in Nagoya, Japan is a vibrant shopping district that boasts a rich cultural and culinary heritage, making it a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. While the arcade offers a diverse range of food options, a new high-end Chinese cuisine restaurant is creating quite a buzz since its recent opening.

Named "1022", (Ten-Twenty-Two) this modern restaurant offers a contemporary twist on traditional Chinese dishes using only the finest ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. The chic, minimalistic interior design of the restaurant places the emphasis on the food, allowing customers to truly appreciate the culinary experience.

At the helm of 1022 is Chef Yuki Sugaya, a renowned culinary expert with an impressive background in Chinese cuisine. Chef Yuki graduated from Hattori Culinary School in Tokyo at the young age of 20 and went on to work at Szechwan Restaurant Chen, Shibuya branch of the famed Shisen Hanten chain of restaurants. He won multiple medals at the Young Chefs' Japan Chinese Culinary competition for seafood appetizers from 2007 to 2012.

In 2014, Chef Yuki was appointed Head Chef at the two Michelin-starred Shisen Hanten in Singapore by Executive Chef Chen Kentaro, where he developed seasonal specialties and introduced new menu items. With his experience and love for cooking, Chef Yuki earned two Michelin stars for the restaurant. He now brings his passion to his own restaurant, 1022 in Nagoya, Japan.

At 1022, diners can enjoy a range of delectable Chinese dishes, including crunchy spring rolls with juicy seafood, delicate shark fin soup, and the spicy and rich mapo doufu, all served as part of multi-course meals. Chef Yuki's expertise in Chinese cuisine ensures that each dish is prepared to perfection and offers a dining experience that is not to be missed.

As Chef Yuki himself says, "Love is the most important trait a chef must have. One must cook from the heart for their food to taste great." His love for cooking and attention to detail can be seen in every dish served at 1022, making it the perfect destination for discerning diners looking for an unforgettable culinary experience in Nagoya.

Whether you're exploring the Endoji Shopping Arcade or looking for a regular dining destination, 1022 is a must-visit restaurant in Nagoya. With its exceptional service, private space, and exquisite dishes, 1022 is quickly becoming one of the top dining destinations in the area.





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